What if your tenant goes absconding?

Having the tenant put down a security deposit is not a new condition as seen in rental agreements. However, news of tenants finding novel ways to hoodwink trusting landlords out of a month or a few months’ worth of rent is also not unheard of! The real estate sector comes with its own set of micro-challenges that remain even if you are the rightful owner of your property. This requires that all landlords perform due diligence to these fail-safes in the event they are faced with the issue of an absconding tenant. Here is a ready reckoner.

Know Thy Tenant

  • First and foremost, get a police verification done for your tenants as soon as you sign a lease. Many people feel that police verification is only for domestic help but it mandatory in many societies to get tenant’s police verification done too.
  • Ensure your tenant provides a few verified emergency numbers to their next of kin or any local guardian. It pays to know the tenant’s family, relatives, colleagues and/or friends personally so you are aware of where they might run to first. Office contacts work unless they quit work before skipping rent!
  • Ensure your tenant provides a few verified emergency numbers to their next of kin or any local guardian. It pays to know the tenants family, relatives, colleagues and/or friends personally so you are aware of where they might run to first. Office contacts work unless they quit work before skipping rent!

Know Thy Property

  • Ensure that you hold the credentials to all civic amenities and registered utilities. Upon calling the service offices and verifying credentials, they let you know if the meter readings are incrementing.
  • If your rental property is not at the same address as your current residence, ensure you know the neighbours around your rented property. They can be contacted for information if they are requested to keep tabs on the tenant.
  • Keep duplicate keys of the property, in case if the tenant is absconding, or not responding to calls. If you need to break the locks, do it before police and other eyewitnesses. 

Involve The Court

  • Ensure that professionalized legal assistance is also sought so that the pressure is on the tenant. The landlord can file a suit of eviction against the tenant for non-payment of rent and abandonment of property without proper, prior notice as per the terms and conditions agreed upon in the rent agreement.
  • The tenant is bound to face the music if the court tries to summon them for a hearing in the case and they are non-responsive to the law as well! Avoidance towards the court itself would rule such a case in the landlord’s favor.
  • In certain cases, it is common for the tenant to abscond with the belongings, which shows a premeditated plan to skip the rent. In those exigent cases, it is more prudent to seek assistance of the court of law directly while conducting personal searches.
  • In the exceptional cases where the tenant is not absconding with their possessions, landlords often are known to move on the tenant’s possessions in retaliation. While this feels tempting as a form of karmic justice, this leaves the landlord open to a counter-lawsuit filed by the tenant for the unlawful apprehension of their property.

It is justified that the landlord might feel that the possessions should compensate for the non-submission of rent. However, in such an instance, it is advised that the landlord makes a move by having the action approved by the court. Once the court approves for the landlord to take possession of the absconding tenant’s properties as compensation, not only can the same be sold for reparations but the property also gets freed up to be put out in the market.

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Girish Bindal
Girish Bindal

Girish Bindal is the Head of Content at PropTiger.com, Makaan.com. He draws from more than a decade of cross-industry experience and has worked for brands in the Real Estate, Recruitment and Consulting domain. In his current capacity, Girish is known to gel the news, numbers and opinion to drive the content consumption. With an analyst’s approach and a sharp focus on numbers, Girish has been organically progressing the brand to build a growing base of audience. An audience who are interested to buy property.

How To Find A Good Townhouse That Meets All Your Expectations!

Dubai doesn’t really need an introduction to luxurious life and standards relating to excellent leisure activities. The fancy lifestyle is an attraction for many people living in the country. In fact, one of the key reasons why people never want to leave this stunning city is because of the luxurious and comfortable life they are growing in!

From family outings to weekend with friends, Dubai is a hometown for any and every activity you can think of! Speaking of the luxurious comfort, the townhouse in Dubai is a definition of stunning lifestyle. And why not! When you are already living in one of the richest countries in the world, why not enjoy the most of it!

Speaking of the same, there are several options related to cheap townhouses in Dubai with upcoming surprises from popular builders.

Builders to guide to with Best Investments!

The demand of townhouse for sale in Dubai came to an understanding by major builders in Dubai. As a matter of fact, many builders are replicating the real estate market by announcing Townhouses in just under Dh 1 million.

Let’s have a look on some popular projects with their developers with upcoming striking projects related to cheap townhouse in Dubai:

  • Nshama: Nshama is a well known Dubai-based developer announcing the striking strategy of townhouse within Dh 1 million. This project by Nshama is based in Time Square Development.
  • Emaar Properties: Well, Mira project was a big hit in 213, when Emaar announced townhouses for sale in Dubai in Reem Development. Well, quite honestly, the project was such a success that the townhouses were sold within few hours. And hence, Emaar is coming up with similar projects soon.
  • Danube Properties: The affordable housing segment projects are a popular discussion among the developers in Dubai. Danube properties, hence, has launches several projects related to the same. They have announced that 3 BHK townhouses in time square development will start from the range of Dh 98,000.
  • Dubai Properties: They have reported several upcoming projects which will be entitled under affordable townhouse segment where expatriates or locals earning salary under the bracket of 25,000 to 35,000 AED will be able to afford a luxurious lifestyle in cheap townhouse in Dubai.


Factors to consider while buying a Townhouse in Dubai

  • Construction of the walls:

Townhouses surely bring more convenience and luxury to the house owners, but one must consider the structure before putting a heads up to the deal. One major factor is construction of the wall.

If you are a family who likes to burn the fire place in the living room, you must be sure about the material used in the firewalls of your house. So while you buy a townhouse, make sure you gather all the information regarding the concrete blocks and type of metal used in the walls. Because who wants to share their private words with neighbors next door!

  • Privacy in Exteriors

Well, of course privacy is a major factor under consideration, especially if you are planning to buy a townhouse in Dubai. But whether the exterior of your townhouse deliver the same or not is what you must judge as well. What type of diving walls are used in the structure along with structure of fences and privacy screens must be considered while you are browsing around.

Whether the structure supports noise reduction and not is an important question to be asked to the developer. Whether the area screening is realized successfully for safety or not must be a primary concern too!

  • Maintenance costing!

Everything comes with a price, isn’t it! So now when you have decided to own a townhouse of your own, be ready to pay all the maintenance bills on your own. The bills can be really pricey sometimes. In addition to the same, the householders have to manage the bills of the chores like gas, electricity and water on their own head.

Buying a townhouse in Dubai is a perfect way to start your family. But also a great choice of investment too! After the successful announcement of Expo 2020 to be conducted by Dubai, the expansions are realized to huge dimensions.

So whether it’s for your personal living or investment sake, townhouses in Dubai are a big hit in the future. Keeping both the perspective separately, the ownership of townhouse is dreams come true in Dubai!

Many developers are raising their glasses to cheap townhouse developments in order to gain more profitability in lesser time. Because let’s face it: Dubai is a home to expatriates where people are still renting out in apartments even with a handsome salary.

Such projects delivering cheap townhouse development in Dubai is a sure demand and popularity among those. Because luxury is what everyone enjoys! And with affordable townhouse to charm their lifestyle, Dubai will grow with similar projects with tremendous success and benchmark.

Background Advice On Necessary Criteria Of Spain Property

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All About Finding A Luxury Hotel In Marrakech


When it comes to travelling, there are really only two ways to do it, either you travel on a budget or you travel in luxury.

If you’re reading this article, there’s a great chances that you have the means to travel to Marrakech in luxury without even batting an eyelash. In this article, we’re going to teach you how you can find luxury hotels in Marrakech so you can have the time of your life while you’re there. But first, here’s something you need to know about Marrakech: It’s the one place in Morocco that you go to in order to see a piece of the history and culture of the country.

While most people associate Morocco with Casablanca, the truth is that the romance of Casablanca is a fairly modern invention brought on, in no small part, by Hollywood’s production of the movie with the same name. However, if you want to experience what true Morocco, you absolutely must go to Marrakech. In there, you will find historical sites, souks or traditional markets, and oasis gardens.

I went there one time with a group of friends and was amazed by the richness of my experience. It was like we were being transported back in time. Sure, it was sweltering hot but we had an amazing time freshening up in the gardens and haggling our way in the souks.

But I also know I wouldn’t have enjoyed my trip as much if we stayed at the really cheap guest houses with no bathrooms. I know because I had a friend who went to Marrakech on a backpacking trip with her then boyfriend. Their trip was really the epitome of travel on a budget, and I really couldn’t help but congratulate my friend for breaking up with her boyfriend at the time for forcing her into a budget trip.

Anyway, if you’re travelling to Marrakech, make sure to book a luxury hotel. Trust us, you won’t regret it. Just like any other place in the world that’s a known tourist site, only parts of the city are pockets of blasts from the past. The rest of the city is literally smothered with all the trappings of modernity, from hotels, cafes and restaurants. But we’re pretty sure you will enjoy it there because what little pockets of the past it has is literally steeped in the past. It’s like a time capsule, and you’re taken in for the ride.

The best places to find a luxury hotel in Marrakech is online.

Go to websites like TripAdvisor.com and other websites that provide reviews of the different accommodations and places of interest in the different parts of the world. You will instantly know if a hotel is a luxury one by its price. Budget hotels cost less than $100. Mid-priced hotels cost over $100 to $700, while luxury hotels cost over $700 to thousands of dollars per night.

Look for hotels that are truly luxurious by reading the reviews and star ratings. Even if you have th money, you want to get your money’s worth right?