Are You Contemplating Private House Sales in Melbourne?

The trend of homeowners selling houses privately has become popular globally mainly because it is convenient and helps owners save on the agent’s commission.

However, before selling a home privately, it is imperative that the owner does sufficient groundwork. In case you have a home to sell in Melbourne, you will need to study the real estate trends in the city.

Real estate in Australia has been going through a downturn in recent times. Therefore, if you are considering private house sales Melbourne, an in-depth analysis of the real estate in Melbourne will definitely help clear the clouds and plan your sales.

Here are a few insights into the housing market of Melbourne which can help homeowners selling houses strategise  their sales:

The Melbourne property market had peaked in November 2017. But they had come down by 11.1% by May 2019. The median sales price in Melbourne was $785 k, which has dipped 1.1% in the last quarter.

Besides, there were 25% lesser sales compared to 2018. This indicates that sellers are holding back their properties unless they really need to sell.

The reason for this could be the confusion that existed before the elections regarding the elected government’s stand on real estate.

However, the coming of the Coalition government has cleared some of these clouds.

The coalition government has introduced incentives to encourage first-time homebuyers to buy homes.

Besides, the falling interest rates and APRA loosening restrictions on lending is expected to further boost the real estate transactions all over Australia.

In addition to these, the Melbourne housing sector specifically has many positives to look at:

  • The state of Victoria has recorded the highest growth in population which will increase the demands for homes. Melbourne, being the capital city, is bound to benefit the most from this.
  • Two of the most sought-after cities in Australian for migrants are Sydney and Melbourne. The real estate in Melbourne is cheaper than in Sydney. Hence, Melbourne is expected to attract more buyers.
  • Another factor that makes Melbourne attractive to residents is that it has the lowest unemployment.
  • The state and federal governments are investing heavily in various projects in the state.
  • The economy of Melbourne is one of the strongest in Australia.

Due to all these reasons, experts such as Domain economist Trent Wiltshire forecast a 1% rise in house prices in 2019 and 1-3% in 2020.

The Melbourne property market has already picked up in some suburbs and others are likely to follow suit.

What does this imply for the private house sales in Melbourne?

The first thing we can conclude is that the market just opening and it will take time for it to stabilise. Ideally, an owner should wait for the market to pick up before he plans the sale of his property.

Under the current circumstances, the demand is low and buyers are also waiting for the conditions to improve.

What exactly does “improved market conditions imply?”

As far as the buyers are concerned, they will have more options as more sellers come into the market. Hence, they can dictate their terms.

Besides, the cut in interest rates and better borrowing conditions will motivate the buyers to purchase homes.

As far as the sellers are concerned, they are expecting the property prices to increase and so they can sell at a higher price. There will also be an increase in the number of buyers.

If we look from the sellers’ point of view, as the property prices increase, so will the competition. The onus is now on the seller to decide when exactly it is a good time to sell his home in Melbourne.

Also, the real estate trends of the specific suburb where the home is will determine the right time to sell the property.

Once, you have decided on the right time to sell your home, the next question is, “How to sell your home in Melbourne?”

You have two options:

1.With the Help of a Real Estate Agent

This is the traditional method of selling a home where the seller outsources the entire sales process to a real estate agent.

The agent lists the property on property listing websites, promotes the property, prices it, arranges viewings, negotiates, and closes the deal.

This method saves the time and efforts of the owner. However, on the flip side, it is an expensive method. The owner needs to pay a % of the total amount of the deal as a commission to the agent.

2.Private House Sales Melbourne

Private house sales implies the homeowner selling the home without hiring an agent.

In this method, the owner lists his home on a property listing portal and promotes it. He prices it and negotiates the price himself.

This method requires the owner to dedicate his time and efforts to the process. However, it helps the owner save substantial sums and enhance his gains.

Why is private house sales Melbourne, the best option to sell a home?

If an owner is in a pressing need to sell his home under the present market conditions, it is better for him to sell it without an agent.

Private house sales Melbourne is beneficial because when the property prices are at a low, hiring an agent implies sharing the profits with him. This will further reduce your returns from the deal.

Also, under the current circumstances, the marketing approach for the property is an important factor. Since you know your property best, you are best equipped to market it. When you market your home on your own, you can add a personal touch to marketing.

You can establish a rapport with the buyer and market the home to him according to his needs. This increases your chances of a successful sale.

You can also gauge the inclination of the prospective buyer towards your home and experiment with prices.

For private house sales in Melbourne, you need to select a property portal carefully. There are specific property portals which are meant for selling homes without agents. Some leading property listing websites are, real, etc. which have a wide reach. Make sure to choose property listing websites that have a wide reach.

Data reveals that poor listing is an important factor for a property not getting sold. It is important to be aware that your potential buyers exist online. And, your listing is the impression they carry of your property. Hence, make sure that you list your property so that it catches the attention of the prospective buyers.

You can list your home on these and other property portals by uploading:

  • A brief description of your house that carries all the details such as the area, number of rooms, etc. Make sure to write a catchy description which is not too long. It should be precise and should provide the relevant information.
  • High-quality photographs taken from different angles to give a clear view of the home.
  • You can also include a virtual tour of the home to enhance the marketability of your home.

Share your listing on multiple websites and social media sites. This will increase the exposure of your listing. You need to reach out to a global audience when you share your listing because Melbourne is a popular city for migrants and investors.

Author Bio: Jodie Kelly from Minus the Agent is the author of this article. Minus the Agent is a property listing portal which has a wide reach. It enables homeowners selling houses to sell without an agent and save on the agent’s commission. The site provides all the support to equip the owner to sell a home independently.

6 Benefits of Renting to Own a House

With rent to own property, you have the unique opportunity to enjoy the benefits of being both a tenant and a homeowner. Here are some important things to consider when renting a house to own, brought to you from the real estate experts at HomeFinder:

A Rent To Own Home is an Investment

In the case of a traditional rental home, the rent money doesn’t generate wealth as an investment into the home, with an appreciation of its value and profit returns when you sell the house. In fact, this is considered one of the main disadvantages of renting a home. But rent to own homes give you the option to invest in a home if you decide you want to purchase it down the road. As the real estate insiders at FinancialWeb explain, “With rent to own houses, a portion of the rent money goes towards the purchase of the home, making it an easier way for most renters to invest in a home.”

Rent to own houses are also a viable option for people who don’t have the standard 20% of the down payment required for a traditional mortgage. With a lease, you may have more creative options for the money needed upfront if you can show you’re able to make payments towards future homeownership.

You Might Not Need a Good Credit Score

Unlike traditional mortgages, you don’t necessarily need a good credit score for rent to own houses. According to real estate expert Justin Pritchard from The Balance, rent to own homes are an excellent way to rebuild your credit and qualify for a loan in the future. “Buyers who cannot qualify for a home loan can start buying a house with a rent to own agreement,” Pritchard says. “Over time, they can work on rebuilding their credit scores, and they may be able to get a loan once it’s finally time to buy the house.”

When considering a rent to own property, it’s important to understand the difference between contracts. For example, lease-option contracts give you the flexibility to either buy the home when the lease expires or move out without incurring any penalties. A lease-purchase contract requires you to buy the property when the lease is up. Once you learn what your options are, you’ll have a better idea of the risks involved with various rent to own agreements.

You Aren’t Responsible For Property Taxes

Another benefit to renting to own is that the landlord is generally responsible for paying the taxes on the property until the balance is paid in full and ownership is officially transferred to the tenant. This makes it easy for the renter to save money for the additional expenses of future homeownership, such as maintenance, taxes, insurance, and repairs. Even better, tenants can enjoy living in the home while they improve their credit score and save cash for other costs.

Equity Grows Faster Than Traditional Mortgages

Traditional mortgages might be the preferred choice among real estate experts, but rent to own properties actually build equity faster because appreciation typically increases in this scenario. This is because tenants are more motivated to make home improvements as they pay the rent to own payments every month. As the experts at FinancialWeb explain, “When it is time to make the final payment, the purchase price may be much less than the home is worth.”

You Have Full Control of the Home

Even before the tenant has paid off the full amount of the house, they have complete control of the home. This means they can make repairs, improvements, or adjustments as they pay the rent to own payments and live in the home. Rent to own homes also benefit landlords because the tenants are likely planning on living in the house for a long time, so the chances are high that they will consistently maintain and improve the home.

Move-In Quickly

With traditional mortgages and home purchases, closing the deal could take months from the time an offer is received until the new owner can move in. With short sales or foreclosed homes, it can take even longer to close. In contrast, people who enter into rent to own agreements can generally move in within a week or two of closing. This is great news for people who need housing in a short amount of time and don’t want to wait around for months to move into their dream home.

Consider these tips for renting a house to own and homeownership can be a real possibility with properties that offer rent to own purchase options. Find the home of your dreams at HomeFinder, the top-rated online portal for rent to own homes, rentals, and homes for sale.

Technology Trends That Will Shape Real Estate in 2019

In this day and age, where technology is reshaping almost every aspect of our daily lives, it comes as no surprise that it’s made its way into the biggest world markets as well. One of those markets is certainly the real estate industry where innovative changes are slowly but surely reshaping the industry as we know it.

With 3D printing, AR and VR technologies, AI implementation and numerous other breakthroughs, we can expect to see some major changes in the real estate industry. With that in mind, here are just some of them that are currently reshaping the industry.

AR and VR technologies

AR and VR technologies are making huge changes in every single industry out there, real estate being no exception. In the previous years, we’ve already had the chance to see VR house tours being implemented in the practice of showcasing properties but now, we can also see the emergence of AR technologies being implemented as well. With it, prospect buyers will get the chance to “equip” the property they’re interested in right on the spot, buy layering virtually designed furniture over real properties they’re viewing. This will provide them with a better sense of the place and hopefully make them more prone to seal the deal.

AI implementation

The fact is that artificial intelligence has far greater mathematical capacity than any human out there which makes it a perfect choice for jobs that require precision. That’s why we can expect to see AI taking over particular jobs in the industry that were previously performed by humans. Either in the robotic form or the form of various software solutions, artificial intelligence will become a huge part of the entire construction process. This way, the amount of man-made errors should theoretically be reduced to zero, which will make the entire process more streamlined and seamless.

Improved energy efficiency

Better energy efficiency of not just the practices used in the industry but the final result – the properties – as well, is also one of the growing concerns in the field. However, thanks to the latest technologies, this issue is already starting to see major improvements. First of all, the issue of improving the energy efficiency of already-built objects can be tackled with simple rewiring. However, in some countries, such as Australia, the laws regarding tampering with electricity on your own are quite strict. That’s precisely why many Australians choose to delegate this task to a reliable electrician from Western Suburbs. On the other hand, during the construction process, the aforementioned AI can calculate and find the best possible construction solution for a particular property that will significantly reduce the necessary energy use. Not only that but numerous other solutions like energy-efficient appliances, light bulbs and HVAC systems will significantly contribute to improving the overall situation as well.

3D printing

As impossible as it may sound, 3D printed buildings already exist. In Shanghai, China, we can already see several 3D printed houses, while Dubai has taken things to a new level with printing an entire office building. Now, while it’s true that 3D printed objects still don’t quite have the quality of traditionally-produced ones, the fact of the matter is that this technology – if it continues to evolve and improve – can potentially make construction far cheaper and faster. Just imagine being able to get the house of your dreams without any excavators, cranes, construction crew and other heavy machinery.


Finally, robots in the core sense of the word are nothing new in the real estate industry. However, the developments made in this field when combined with AI and sensor technology will lead to some major improvements. This is particularly true when talking about the entire part of the industry dealing with prefabricated homes, but these solutions will also be implemented in other areas. Additionally, not only will robotics contribute to greater precision and the ease of performing some of the most difficult tasks, but it will also make the entire construction process far safer.

These were just some of the trends we can expect to see develop further this year. With technology constantly evolving it’s difficult to predict what we can look forward to two or three years from now. However, one thing’s for sure – only those who stay on top of these trends can truly hope to see long-term success.

The Northern Lights – The Most Spectacular Natural Event in the World

The Northern Lights create a sight which looks as if it has come straight out of a fairytale.
This beautiful phenomenon is caused by charged particles from the sun interacting with the earth’s atmosphere.

If you are planning to see the Northern lights, you are in the correct place because in this article, we are going to tell you 6 tips for viewing the aurora which will make your experience more pleasant and enable you to have the time of your life.

Let’s get right into it!

1. Be patient

It is rightly said that patience is a great virtue and if you really want to see the Northern Lights, you’re going to need a lot of it!

It often happens that people are just about to give up and head back but then the sky is suddenly lit up by the magnificent lights.

2. Plan alternate activities

You’re seeing the aurora or missing it depends a lot on luck.

The Northern lights are unpredictable and you might sometimes miss them. For this reason, you should plan a lot of alternate activities such as skiing or a reindeer safari to keep your trip fun and enjoyable.

Don’t forget to plan a lot of daytime activities too; the countries where the Northern lights can be seen are generally beautiful.

There’s a lot you can do to make your holiday enjoyable even without seeing the Northern Lights Finland. Don’t get your hopes up too high and you will not be disappointed.

3. Enjoy the aurora myths and legends

If you’re heading to Finland, you can visit the Aurora Kota which stands for ‘hut’ in Finnish.

Here you will be able to see a projection of the stars in the mini planetarium like building and enjoy listening to a local woman telling you all about the aurora myths and legends.

There are a huge number of myths of what is folklore and was thought to be and what it foretold but you will get to hear the scientific explanation of the aurora too.

They also show real time footage which show how quickly the aurora comes and goes and this can be handy.

4. Dress up warm

The regions where the aurora can be seen are some of the coldest in the world and therefore you should dress warm.

This is doubly important because you will be out in the wilderness during the night time.Your tour company will provide you with warm clothing but it is always good to have your own warm base clothes along with a neck warmer.

You should also travel light because you’ll be moving around a lot and will hardly get any time to unpack.

5. Focus on safety

Countries like Norway, Iceland and Canada where the Northern Lights are usually seen are usually extremely safe and crime free.

However, you can never say what might happen when. So you should always have travel insurance and health insurance which cover accidents too.

Europeans can get a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before going to a place like Lapland. This card entitles you to any needed government provided medical treatment.

If you are driving, then always check the laws of the country where you want to drive and see if they require a license for snowmobiles.

Watch out for animals like deer and reindeer and avoid black ice.You should also see that your car has a heating system installed in it.

Weather conditions in the Arctic can change very suddenly so prepare accordingly.Mosquitoes in Lapland are vicious and so you should get some insect repellent with you.

6. Tips for photography

Don’t forget your tripod as it is an essential piece of equipment.

Put something in your picture to create a frame of reference, this can be done by including mountains in the picture. Mountains are great as they are grey or dark and contrast nicely with the shining aurora.

Capturing Man-made objects in your picture are also great for showing the scale of the Northern lights.

Capture “still” pictures because time-lapses, while great for shooting stars, will blur up the colours of the aurora.

Use a remote so that you do not shake the camera while clicking the picture.

Step out of your comfort zone and spend time in the cabins. It might sound challenging at first but it will definitely pay off.

These were our 6 best tips to enjoy the Northern Lights, we hope you enjoyed reading the article and we wish you a happy journey!

Author’s Bio:

Yogi and Suchna believe in taking the road less travelled and stumbling upon some hidden gems along the way! For over a decade, they’ve mapped their way across various continents, sniffed out unusual routes, discovered new flavours and stayed at quirky hostels. TheVillaEscape is their expression of soul travel. To check Northern Lights Tour you can catch up with them at TheVillaEscape.

The Importance of Having a Frequent Cesspool Inspection

All of you who own a cesspool should perform regular inspections once every 3 years. If you have electrical and mechanical components you need to perform the inspections even more often, generally once per year. The importance of those inspections are higher than you may believe and you will now see why.

You can Prevent Severe Repairs

One of the main reasons why an inspection of a cesspool is a must is to prevent possible issues before they get too severe. Cesspool treatment will prevent all the failures and damages that can get more complicated with time and can significantly affect your household. In order words, you will solve a problem before it even happens.

Better Performance and Longer Lifespan

Here we can see another main advantage of regular inspections. When you care about the system you will make it sure it works properly all the time and you will be able to maintain the highest level of functionality possible.

All of this translates into a system that can last longer. Without that maintenance, the efficiency will be decreased over time meaning your system won’t work as it should. Now you will return to the first point here. Your system won’t be maintained meaning it will develop severe issues over time and make repairs and fixes more expensive and more complicated.

Boost the Value of your Property

Did you know that cesspool inspections can have a positive effect on the value of your property? In a nutshell, when you perform regular checks you can make sure that the entire system is working as it should. You will get a detailed report with all the points that were tested and checked. That report can be included in papers you will present to a potential buyer of your home, meaning you can demand a higher price.

These days more buyers will check for the cesspool inspection and they will require from you to do it before they even start considering your home as a new investment. When they demand this check, it is difficult to get a higher property value. When you do it before a potential buyer requests you can get a better price.

You should inspect it before you purchase a new home

Now you will switch the shoes with a house seller. You will be a buyer. It means that you need to inspect a cesspool before you decide to purchase that home. The goal here is to determine the overall condition of the system, efficiency and also to make sure there are no major issues of hidden issues with the system. If there are, you will need to pay from your very pocket to solve them.

We did mention that these days most property buyers will request from the sellers to inspect the cesspool and to include a detailed report. You should do the same and you should do it as soon as possible. An interesting fact is that people who sell properties with cesspools in perfect condition usually sell houses that are in better shape as well. On the other side, we can see that those who sell properties with a bad condition cesspools will sell a home with a poor state.

Regular Inspection means Healthy Home

One way or another, regular cesspool inspections are a must and they should be performed in order to make sure that the entire system is working properly and as it should. You need to make an additional inspection when you are selling your home or when you are planning to buy a new one.

Selling a Home with Online Agents

Thinking of selling your property in Australia? Well! as a seller, you need to assess the market before deciding to go ahead with the sale. This will enable you to decide on whether you should choose “my private real estate sale” over selling with an agent or not!

A look at the current real estate market scenario in Australia, we can say that the results of the recent federal elections have cleared the clouds of uncertainty. These results have made one thing clear that the prices of homes in cities like Melbourne and Sydney will continue to remain high. However, the market is expected to bottom out by the end of this year or beginning of the next. This is because the Coalition government is introducing reforms such as lowering interest rates for first-time home-buyers and reducing taxes, etc.

These reforms are definitely going to impact the housing market in Australia positively with more activity in the real estate sector. This is also expected to provide the much-needed boost to the Australian economy.

Now, what this means for a home seller is that this is the best time for him to sell his home. This is because the prices are high now and they will bottom out subsequently. Also, the facilities being provided by the government are going to make buying easy. Hence, there will be a demand for the property.

Therefore, a seller can capitalize on the situation and make the most of it and sell his home.

Next comes the question, what is the best way to sell a home?

There are basically three ways of selling:

Selling with the help of an agent

In this case, the property owner outsources the entire selling process to an agent. The agent performs all the activities such as listing, marketing the property, finding a buyer, negotiations, closing the deal, etc.

This takes a huge responsibility off the shoulders of the seller. However, on the flip side, the real estate agent charges a substantial amount as a commission for the services rendered. This could be around 6-8% of the total proceeds of the sale. Besides, an agent is unable to give focused attention to the sale since he sells multiple properties. This could delay sales.

Assisted selling

In this case, the agent assists the seller at different stages of the sales process for a fee. The seller is in control of the entire sales process and the agent assists him as and when required.

My private real estate

In this case, the property owner sells his house on his own. There is no involvement of a middleman. The property owner prices, lists, and promotes his property on his own. He directly connects with buyers and negotiates and sells his property.

Since there is no agent involved the seller does not have to share his profits with anyone. He is able to give his dedicated time and efforts to the property sale. As a result, the house gets sold fast.

In recent years, the concept of “my private real estate” has become popular because property owners can list their home for sale on property listing websites and connect with buyers directly.

This gives complete control of the sales process to the seller. He can list, promote, price, negotiate and close the deal all by himself.

Given the current real estate scenario in Australia, the property sellers stand to gain if they sell their property on their own. This is because they will be able to sell their property at a high price and don’t have to pay any commission or fee to an agent. Also, since it is expected that the number of buyers is likely to increase, sellers have a great opportunity in a high demand market.

How to sell a property privately?

Selling a property privately entails:

  • Accurately pricing your property.
  • Listing your property on a Property Listing Website. There are numerous online estate agents in Australia who can help you complete a property sale. However, you should be cautious that you don’t list your home on a fraudulent site. Choose the site carefully. List your property by uploading high-quality pictures and a virtual tour of your home. This will help buyers get an idea of your property.
  • Buyers will view your property and connect with you directly for purchasing it.
  • You will have to arrange showings of your property to prospective buyers.
  • The next stage is, negotiations. A handy tip while negotiating is to start with a high opening price so that you have a margin to negotiate. Also, be clear about the minimum price below which you will not sell your home.
  • Once the deal is finalized, you will need to complete the paperwork which could be quite cumbersome. You can take the help of a legal expert for this purpose.

Although, the process seems fairly straightforward. However, stats reveal that the % of private property sales completed successfully is not very high.

This is because sometimes the sellers lose focus and sometimes it is because of their choice of the online estate agent. Choosing the right website for listing your property goes a long way in the success of the sale.

So, how do you choose the right online agent in Australia for selling your property?

  1. When you browse through various property listing websites on the internet, look for a site that is genuine. You can verify this by looking at the client testimonials or reviews on a review site.
  2. Shortlist a number of sites and compare the features they offer and the expenses associated with listing the property on each one of them.
  1. Check whether the website promotes your listing or not. There are online agents that share the listing on multiple websites and on social media.
  1. If the website charges for listing, it is a good idea to ensure that you get your money’s worth by listing on the website.

Wrapping Up

The real estate market in Australia post the federal election is just right for property sellers to sell their homes. Sellers need to carefully select the best online agent in Australia to sell their property privately.

Author Bio:

Jodie Kelly is the author of this article. Jodie is a marketing executive at Minus the Agent which is one of the leading online estate agents in Australia.

Top 5 most expensive houses of the Cote d’Azur

We have prepared for you a parade of the most expensive real estate on the Cote d’Azur. The list includes housing that was previously sold for unbelievable sums and that is now valued at millions of dollars and arouses a keen interest among Arab sheikhs, billionaires from America, magnates from all over Europe and Asia.

By the way, real estate costs a lot of money on the Cote d’Azur and a holiday house price starts from hundreds of thousands of dollars. Overlooking the sea and in the elite area – you may consider, it already costs for millions. What is not surprising: the ideal climate, respectable eighbors and the prestigious title of the owner of a house on the French Riviera – this is a luxury vacation, useful contacts and another indicator of status.

So, the hit parade of expensive villas and houses of the French Riviera:

Villa Pablo Picasso in Mougins

5. Villa Pablo Picasso in Mougins

Price: 20 million euros
Why is it on the list of the most expensive villas? – The previous owner of the villa has requested a price of 170 million euros. She planned to sell it at auction for 120 … and received only 20 million euros from a New Zealand businessman.
So the villa, which was estimated at 120 million euros, found its owner (the only bidder) at the auction at a starting price.
The last years of the life of the famous Picasso passed in this villa. The total area of ​​the buildings is 1700 square meters, plus 3 hectares. territory with gardens and views of the Esterel massif. 15 bedrooms, a dozen bathrooms, a tennis court, a swimming pool, a separate house for staff – all the conditions for living, working, relaxing and receiving guests.
Currently the villa is owned by New Zealand businessman Rayo Vizenedzha.

Villa Palais des Bulles in Theoule sur Mer

4. Villa Palais des Bulles in Theoule sur Mer

Price: 200 million euros
“House of bubbles” is the official name of the architectural heritage of the designer Antti Lovaga. It is difficult to imagine a more ambiguous villa in its architectural design.
Built in 1989, it never ceases to remain one of the most unusual, amazing and ambiguous villas on the coast.
It belongs to designer Pierre Cardin. There is everything for comfortable rest, life and big parties / meetings: living space is 1200 square meters, swimming pool, terrace, 58 acres of garden, view of Cannes bay, amphitheater with 500 seats.
Villa is not for sale for today.

Sky Penthouse Penthouse at the Odeon Tower in Monaco

3. Sky Penthouse Penthouse at the Odeon Tower in Monaco

Price: 350 million euros
Monaco leads the world in the number of millionaires living in the country. Therefore, it is not surprising that the most expensive apartments in the world are located here.
In 2014, the construction of a high residential complex of 49 floors on the Mediterranean coast was completed. And its “highlight” is still the five-storied penthouse Sky Penthouse which is located at an altitude of 170 square meters.
The stars of world interior design and architecture worked on the decoration, everything here is luxurious and modern. 3,300 square meters of living space, great views, a huge swimming pool, water slide and a nice bonus – when you buy a penthouse, the new owner automatically gets the citizenship of Monaco.
The penthouse has not found its owner yet.

Villa Les Cèdres in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

2. Villa Les Cèdres in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

Price: 500 million euros
Until 2017, the villa was the most expensive real estate in the world. At present, its status: for sale and still belongs to the Italian company Davide Campari-Milano. Yes, the producers of the most popular liqueur “Campari”.
The villa was built in 1830 and has a rich history, some of the most beautiful gardens in Europe, 14 hectares of land, 15 thousand square meters of residential luxury buildings, furniture and works of art according to preliminary estimates of 19 million euros.
A magnificent residence was built in the past by the mayor of Villefranche-sur-Mer. The man was fond of exotic plants – plenty gf strange flowers, trees and plants were delivered and planted, for which 20 greenhouses were specially built. Among them there are Amazonian lilies, huge and bizarre, they complement the numerous ponds in the estate.
The future owner will receive a villa in perfect condition with 16 bedrooms, a 50-meter indoor pool, a large ballroom for receptions, a stable for 30 horses, a house for staff, a spacious terrace, a garage for a dozen of machines, influential neighbors in the person of Microsoft founder Paul Allen and the English composer Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. The villa Les Cèdres has everything for a comfortable, luxury holiday for a family and a large company.

Villa La Leopolda in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

1. Villa La Leopolda in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

Price: $ 750 million
King Leopold II purchased 8 hectares of land with the intention of building luxury estates on the Cote d’Azur. But the idea did not have time to realize,he died. The plot was bought by Ogden Kodmen,who completed the palace, developed a posh garden (fifty gardeners now look after the modern image!) And in 1902 one of the most expensive buildings of the 21st century appeared.
What is special about it?
A great story covering the times of kings, war, the heyday of beau monde, aristocracy, film industry and much more. And also – pools in the old-Roman style, gardens, labyrinths, terraces, an exceptional view of the coast and the Alps, antiques, expensive furniture, tapestries, a library with 3 thousand rare copies of books, 14 bedrooms, a separate house for staff. And a solid botanical garden on 14 hectares.
And the status of the owner of the most expensive villas in the world. It is not surprising, but in recent years in demand among Russian billionaires and oligarchs.

The French Riviera boasts dozens of indecently expensive houses for millions of euros. According to various estimates, a square meter of real estate here costs from 5 thousand euros, depending on the area. Therefore, successful people from all over the world strive to acquire real estate here, and status, famous neighbors, the best conditions for recreation with it.

Article prepared a project HermitageRiviera

Step-By-step Guide On Flipping Real Estate Properties!

House flipping is one of the effective ways to generate cash from your real estate properties. This is a very popular method which is especially used by experienced investors to generate huge amounts of cash in a short period of time. The principles of house flipping depend on a few technicalities. Therefore, to get through a house flip, it takes money, education, connections, and determination. However, this write-up will explain a comprehensive guide on flipping real estate properties.

What is Flipping House?

Flipping house is when a real estate investor purchases a property and then sell it at a profit for earning extra cash. There are generally two main strategies to buying and flipping houses:

  • Buy low and sell high.
  • Buy a house and make significant repairs and renovations to resell it.

It is a quite profitable approach and a smoother sales process for generating money. Now, let’s move to a step-by-step guide on flipping real estate properties.

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Acquire Knowledge on House Flipping

The first step in real step adventure is educated yourself on flipping houses. Before jumping to house flip, it is necessary for any investors to acquire all the necessary information regarding flipping real estate properties. This thing will protect them from any risk like losing money. The better way to learn the basics of house flipping is to purchase some books by famous authors. In addition, you can also take help from professionals and experienced agents to truly internalize knowledge. Understanding flipping math is also the most important trait in a successful flip. Because, this will help you to determine how much you should pay, how much you should put into it, and how much you expect to get out. So, try to get deep and understand how this stuff all works.

Research on Real Estate Market

Doing a thorough job of understanding the local real estate market will help to make an appropriate and wise decision on which place is best for flipping house. In some areas, the houses are absurdly cheap, where in other areas, this would be absurdly expensive. Every market is different, so it is necessary to have good knowledge of the market. Consider these questions before flipping a property:

  • What kind of houses do people want to buy?
  • What is the recent market price of the houses?
  • Which area is famous for a living?

Therefore, while choosing an area, make a thorough research on housing demand, median home prices, average property type and neighbourhood resources.

Construct a Business Plan

For investing in real estate business, every investor needs a business plan. It includes a budget, timeline, property listing, and project scope. Investors need to search for property on websites, newspapers, and public records, which can represent profitable flips. In addition, when searching through property listings, what factors need to consider for making a wise decision. Each of these factors considers how much the flip will cost, how much it could potentially earn once completed, do you have enough to cover a renovation, and what kind of scope are you comfortable with?

Understand Finance Options

After constructing a business plan, it is important to assess your current financial situation. There all lot of strategies for financing your flipping house like Conventional Financing, Loans, Hard Money Lenders, Private Money, and more. Therefore, before applying for a loan, making an offer on a house or choosing a finance option, make sure you understand the ins and outs of home financing.

Start Analysing Potential Deals

Once making all the important decision, the next step is to start looking into ways to finance your deals. So, head over to some websites and start grabbing some potential properties that look like good options. In regards to knowing the exact value, it is better to analyse the process of these deals. During this process, walk through each deal and check that what other facilities are available with these deals, as many questions as you can to get a clear property listing.

Find a Perfect House for Flipping

After searching deals on many available websites and walking through many properties, it is time to find a suitable and perfect potential house to flip. It considers a lot of factors like the location, property condition and potential rehab costs. This thing will help to make a clear offer on the best deals. You could work with a Realtor to find a suitable property, work with wholesalers to find off-market deals, or build a direct mail marketing campaign.

Make an Offer

For pursuing the perfect property, it is time to make an offer. Securing the right purchase price will significantly influence profits.  but, before, making an offer, an investor needs to hire an attorney or a real estate agent to look over the paperwork and make sure you are not missing out on anything.

Schedule a Property Inspection

Investors can make themselves aware of any potential issues with a home by hiring an inspector. They will look at the structural issues and mechanical or electrical problems that are available in a flipping house. Therefore, in regards to know a property’s true condition, an in-depth analysis of the home can hopefully uncover all the hidden problems.

Hire A Professional Builder

Conduct an interview with multiple contractors to get an accurate estimation of renovations and repair costs. Hire a home builder to finalize a timeline and schedule for the renovation. Working with a right and experienced contractor will complete the project in the available timeline as per your preferences. Ask the contractors to repaint the walls and make necessary changes in the kitchen and house furniture.

Make Renovations & Necessary Repairs

After hiring the home builder team for your house, make the necessary changes to complete the renovation like electrical wires, pipes, furniture, walls paint, roofing, garden, and much more. This thing will increase the value of the house which further helps to earn a profit. The faster you can complete the renovation project, the faster you can sell the property and generate extra cash. But make a proper review of the estimated costs of the flip before making renovations.

Relist & Sell the Newly Renovated Property

Once repairing and renovating the home, the next step is to list your property on sale to get a good offer. In this, a professional will also help to determine the actual cost of the flipping property. They compare the price of properties in the neighbourhood and come up with a great listing price. So, negotiate a fair price with your buyer and sell it to extract extra money. This final step in the house flipping process to sell the renovated property.


Flipping real estate properties is risky as well as a profitable business. But it all depends on different market value and situations. Therefore, by considering the above-mentioned step-by-step guide, you can successfully earn more profit. Stay up-to-date with your local market and extract money as much as you can. Moreover, it would be better to hire an agent or a realtor before entering the industry of house flipping. Lean on their advice and learn more to do not lose money.


Author Bio

David Lane is working as a Realtor for Thailand Property – Which provides real estate services such as real estate Thailand, buying property in Thailand, etc to clients. Being a realtor, his exceptional knowledge of the market helped him a lot in selling numerous properties all over Thailand.  He has a passion for writing and loves to share his real estate related knowledge with people.

6 Key Tactics The Pros Use For Expired Real Estate Listings

Sellers discover it tough to be positive after a listing has run out. Many are thrilled and also worried when that listing arrangement is initial authorized, wishing that the home markets rapidly as well as for massive earnings. It’s annoying to wait week after week for an acquisition deal when that deal never shows up.

Despite the size of listing, whether the arrangement was for regard to 100 days, 200 days, or maybe a year, when the listing has ended, the broker/seller connection has concerned an end (mainly). This is when sellers commonly ask whose mistake it is that the home isn’t offering.

1. Inspect Motivation

The very first step is to review your factors to offer. If you do not fit among the 15 factors provided, after that you could intend to take another look at why you are marketing. To put it, perhaps you do not have an element to offer. Probably you must briefly take your home off the marketplace.

If you are not inspired to offer, you are not a vendor. You’re a property owner with a check in the backyard. Without inspiration, you’ve obtained around as much expect marketing as a proprietor with an indicator that checks out, “Keep Off the Grass.

2. Review of Marketing

Where is the business strategy to offer your home? Review the marketing strategy with your agent, detailed. Did your agent falter? Did you? What functioned, what did not draw advertisement phone calls or provings? Did you make a digital trip, send direct-mail advertising, placed a lockbox on the residential property?

3. Take Into Consideration Condition

Head out as well as consider various other residences on the marketplace to establish if your home remains in the same problem as those proactively available for sale. Probably you require to do repair services before offering. Possibly your home needs to be presented. Does your home howl visual allure? Have you adhered to the leading ten house revealing ideas?

4. Look Again at Buyer Objections

What have customers claimed concerning your home? Review purchaser responses, which your agent ought to have gotten for you when your home initially took place the marketplace. Exists credibility to what purchasers were stating? How can you make up for those arguments?

5. Price Cut Sudden Activity

You will not need to look as well much to discover agents since they’ll all come creeping out of the woodwork when your listing ends. Real estate agents are stopped from getting a vendor when the listing is energetic in MLS. However, you’re level playing field when the listing has run out.

You might question why your listing since it has ended, is so preferred. Lots of agents focus on  since they desire the listing. Duration. Furthermore, understand that some agents will certainly take a costly listing to obtain signs.

You may ask your agent to make specific your name, and also telephone number has been eliminated from MLS when the listing is taken out, terminated, or tended to make it harder for agents to call you reckless.

6. Get In Touch With Several Listing Agents

Meeting agents. Ask the severe concerns to figure out if the agents are providing you the appropriate responses. Learn what one more agent may do in different ways. If an additional agent provides considerably even more solution than your existing agent, a checklist with that said agent. Inspect your standards for picking a listing agent.

Speak with Your Existing Agent About Why the Listing Expired
If your agent has satisfied the marketing strategy, functioned carefully to market your home, as well as the marketplace is not responding to the ring to your supper bell, after that, you could require to adopt the marketplace.

This indicates a rate decrease. Ask your existing agent to prepare one more relative market evaluation to identify if your home is valued for the offering.

If you regard as well as worth your agent, relist with that said agent. Change your cost as necessary and also follow your agent’s recommendations, even if it implies making repair work or enhancements you would certainly instead refrain. If your agent is investing cash on your listing via advertising and marketing, hostile marketing, as well as networking that listing, that agent deserves your commitment.

The top 5 reasons that people of London love mews houses

Won’t it be amazing if you could just walk your children to school from your house in central London? Imagine if the London underground station was just a 5-minute walk away from your home. Won’t it be great to have your own parking, free of charge, in the heart of London? Mews houses in London are making these very hopes and dreams of every Londoner become a reality, and that is why mews house for sale in central london are grabbing a lot of eyeballs.

Located in beautiful streets, with that old school architecture with just a hint of culture, mews houses have some of the prettiest surroundings. Given that mews were originally horse stables in the earlier days, they have a distinct character and old world charm about them. In recent years, mews houses in London have become some of the most wanted and fastest selling properties, and for good reasons. The London locals are absolutely in love with mews houses, and we think we might know why.

1- Mews have the best locations

Yes, the streets that the mews houses are built on are very pristine, architecturally beautiful and very picturesque. But that’s not all. If you look at the broader picture, most mews houses are very close to the main shopping areas, tourist attractions, local parks and even the London underground stations. Let’s take the example of the Royals Mews in London. It is not even 3 minutes away from the Victoria station and barely 9 minutes away from the Hyde Park corner station. While the Royal Mews might not be open for residential living, the point of it being accessible and central still stands.   The locals love mews houses because they are centrally located, easy to access and usually very close to the main streets of London.

2- Mews allows privacy and security

Mews houses are generally tucked away in some quiet cobbled street, and that is actually a good thing! Given that mews houses are never in your face, as they are usually located within smaller streets as opposed to residential properties located on the main streets of London. This means there is a very low possibility of tourists walking around or actually anyone wandering around for no rhyme or reason. This creates a sense of privacy and security, especially since people living in mews have a sense of community. Mews houses are generally tucked away in some side street, and that is actually a good thing!

3- Mews create a community

Think of all the residents of mews houses as good neighbours, they look out for each other and interact with each other – something that is not very common in London. Mews do not really have gardens, so most people sit outside in their patio to enjoy their afternoon tea or dinner beer. This allows the residents to communicate with each other, get to know each other and create a bond. Living in mews actually creates a feeling of belonging, a feeling which many people are looking for. After all, having a community to call your own does lead to better mental health, if nothing else.

4- Mews are easy to maintain

For a person working a 9 to 5 job, or even for a parent who has to take care of their children at home, managing a mews house is rather easy. Unlike a standalone house, mews houses have a much smaller floor plan – lesser space means less to clean. Maintaining, managing and cleaning mews houses is much easier even when compared to an apartment which could be stuffed or cramped up. The unusual size of mews houses have a distinct advantage – easy setup, easy maintenance and just enough space to manage comfortably. Plus, there is that added advantage of just locking up and leaving for vacation without thinking twice.

5- Mews are freehold properties

Saving the best for last, since mews houses are freehold properties they are not usually listed. This means that the owner can enjoy free ownership for perpetuity; in simpler words, you don’t have to seek the landlord’s permission to make major changes as long as these changes are as per the local regulations. Also, since mews are freehold properties, there is no issue or expense of leases – so you do not have to pay ground rent or service charge. If that isn’t one of the best reasons to love mews houses, then what is?

The layout of a mews house is very adaptable – you can convert the mew to a family home, you could use one room as your home office or maybe convert your garage into a gym. Mews can adapt as per your imagination!  Mews houses are great for people who are looking for a new place to call home for themselves or their families.