5 Customer Retention Strategies for eCommerce That Will Boost Sales

customer retention services

Retention is among the top processes any sales or marketing team should be looking to have. So, are you trying to achieve your goals with great retention? We have all the information to bring you better retention for your marketing efforts.

You should have a complete social media policy and methods to build long-term relationships with customers. Make sure that you use customer data, measure value, and more. 


Instagram is a great way to have proper customer retention. You can try the following method to retain as many customers as you can:

  • You should start by knowing your current customers well.
  • It is said that you should keep on varying your content types. So, use all kinds of content that you think you can share.
  • Make sure that you keep on posting content and attract more followers. Your content should be useful to make your content worth it. When you are looking to retain customers, ensure that you post as much content as you can.
  • You should see Instagram as a customer support platform when looking to improve retention.
  • Make sure that your profile is completely optimized according to the need. This method can help you give the right message to people.

Apart from these ways, you should make sure that you do get feedback from your customers. The benefits of feedback are limitless. You can engage people with you and your brand when you talk to them there.

You can know if you are doing things right or not with the feedback you receive. Moreover, you can know the percentage of satisfied customers this way.

When you respond to your customers online, they know that you care about them. You will benefit if you Buy Instagram Followers to reach your goals. 

Email For Retention

You must try to improve your relationship with some types of retention emails. You can try:

  • You can try sending an email to a customer that just purchased something. Such an email can also make them feel special when sending a promotional email.
  • Sending an email for cart abandonment can be really useful for retention.
  • Using an email as a reminder of subscription expiration can be useful as well.
  • Try to use an email that can win back your customers. Moreover, you should ask for the problems they unsubscribed for.
  • You can also appreciate your customers to get a better retention rate.

These methods can be super-effective for more sales and a better retention rate. So, use them to get maximum benefits for your revenue.

SMS Campaigns

SMS campaigns can be fairly useful for many kinds of companies. So, you can try using this method to conduct mobile polls and make people feel special.

Some tips you can follow to have great SMS campaigns are:

  • Make sure that you send SMS that provide benefits.
  • Stop spamming your customers to let them have a better experience with you.
  • You can also try sending targeted texts. This method can really help you achieve the real goals your business needs. Make sure that you send these SMSs to the people who would benefit from them. The benefit they will get should be something like a purchase from you.

Try out all of these methods to ensure you capture the major share of the market. You can get a lot of help with the right tactics in your SMS marketing.

Loyalty Programs

You should ensure that you offer great services and loyalty programs to reach your goals. When you have exceptional customer support, you can have more results for your retention part. So, make sure that you provide great customer support and focus on the customer.

Stay Consistent

Make sure that you have consistency in making use of your customer support. You should ensure that you keep on providing people the value they need, and it can definitely help you have better results for marketing online.

When you keep on providing consistent solutions, you get the chance to make customers loyal.

Multiple Opportunities to Enroll

Make sure that you reach your goals by giving multiple opportunities for them to enroll. You can try to provide them with all the chances to get the rewards of your loyalty programs.

Customer Referral Programs

The use of customer referral programs can bring you helpful results for retention. You should start with setting your goals and researching how you can offer referrals. Ensure that you know what a good customer is for you.

So, know what your best customer looks like. The next thing to do is make a list of people you can ask for referrals.

These can be the people who like your product. The people who like your products would be interested in talking about them. Once you find the ones who are already connected, you can go for the ones you would like to connect with.

Then you should identify the channels that you can use. The next thing will be to make a plan to reach out to the selected ones. Then you can reach out to them and ask them for referrals and provide them incentives.

You can try to create resources that can bring more awareness to your customers. Using newsletters, blogs, product updates, and CTAs can be useful. These methods can help you have more referrals for your products.

Moreover, you should run campaigns to make better sales online. These methods can help you build better marketing for improvement in sales.

Final Thoughts

We talked about top methods to improve your customer retention. Customer retention is one of the most important parts of better and consistent sales.

We pointed out ways like referral programs, using Instagram, and emails. The use of SMS campaigns and loyalty programs would work well for this purpose.

You can also try to buy Instagram Auto Likes for better marketing.

Instagram use can bring you better retention when you try to give good customer support. So, ensure that you try to capture the market with the right methods.

New custom kitchen Interior designs which will amaze you

Are you planning to renovate, remodel, redesign or customize your kitchen? If yes, then do not forget to bring practical accessories in your kitchen. A kitchen is not just an ordinary room where our meals are prepared. It is a vital section of the house, and every facility should be made available for the homemaker. 

A kitchen adds value to your home. So, when you want to remodel your kitchen, you should go with the trendy designs which don’t fail with the time. Nowadays, you also have the option to get custom kitchen designs. It is beneficial to you to choose a design which is evergreen, but if you choose a trend for your kitchen which come and go then after some days, you may feel that you have wasted all your investment and would not be satisfied.

kitchen Interior designs

So, here are some aspects which you should use in creating your custom kitchen which offers you convenience as well as design which make people compliment your kitchen.

Smarter Storage

Storage is paramount when it comes to the kitchen. Although there are plug and play models, if you want to make the best use of the available space, then custom kitchen design will be the best. If your kitchen looks messy and does not look well organized, then it does not seem beautiful to others. Now, these kitchen designs offer you smart storage such as appliance garages, deep drawers, sliding shelves, and many more which offers you convenience as well as modern look to your kitchen.

Open layouts to enhance interior beauty and space

 Now, this is the time to tear walls down so that you can feel connected with your family while cooking as well as offers people to view your kitchen. These have become very popular in recent times. Casual dining in from of kitchen makes it more convenient as well as adds a modern look to your kitchen. The open layout is what we call as a trendsetter in the current scenario. It increases the space in the house and enhances the style. Gone are the days when cooking was a closed-door act, now even chefs are introducing open kitchen table for their VIP customers. 

Lighting for the cabinets

 You can install lights in every corner, but it just sparkles up the place when you install artificial lights in cabinets. Also, once you have lights inside the cabinet, you do not need to switch on all the lights inside the kitchen to find stuff. You can switch on just the one that’s inside the cabinet. Now, you have bulbs that light up as soon as you open the cabinets. They would certainly be a good addition to your kitchen.

Floor color for brightness

Dark floor color will brighten up your kitchen and is the perfect match, especially when the colors of cabinets and other interior are light in color. A dark color offers you the convenience that you need to avoid spending too much time in cleaning the floor. While you can also choose a light color, it is just based on preferences, but according to us dark colors are best for kitchen floors. These colors are stylish, convenient and ideal for custom kitchens which never fades with trends.

Countertop materials 

Quartz is considered as the strongest material as well as looks really very sophisticated when you use it as a countertop material. As quartz is an engineering material; thus, you can customize the material as per your choice. In addition, with the sophisticated look of the material, quartz also offers you other qualities such as it is very easy to clean and very durable.

custom kitchen Interior designs

Open shelving for easy use

 While the trend is really very new but has become famous because of its sophisticated look, which is really very appealing to people. Open shelving offers you to use your pretty dishes as show cases which will enlighten your kitchen with beauty. So, let these pretty dishes come in the front which gives an eye-catching look and don’t let them just sitting in the back drawers.

You can easily get these options with the prefabricated kitchen models, but it’s always good to select the one which is customized. The various aspects discussed above are present in the custom kitchen designs to work conveniently and to give a trendy look to your kitchen, which is evergreen thus offers you satisfaction after investing your amount.

kitchen renovation interior designs


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Author bio: I am Amelia Varley, a qualified blogger. Here you can see my skills which give you small ideas on understanding all the concepts with different themes. I love to write the blog on different topics, like health, home décor, Automotive, Business, Food, Lifestyle, Finance, Flowers etc.

Top 7 DIY Projects to Tackle if You Want to Boost Your House’s Value in 2022

Real Estate Renovation

Whether you just want to improve the quality of your living space, or add value to your home at resale, DIY work can do wonders. There is so much you can do as a homeowner, and knowing which DIY projects will pay off eventually is just the start. We have come up with a list of projects that have the most impact on your ROI and will make your home a more beautiful place to live.

Give your lawn some love

Many homeowners do not realize this, but giving your lawn a well-needed makeover can increase the resale value of your home for well over 300% in ROI. The majority of work you can do yourself. Just keep your lawn cut, watered and green. Bigger landscaping projects will further increase the appeal of your home, so plant drought-resistant flowers and plants, redo your walkway, add beds of mulch for a nice clean look. If you have a vegetable garden, give it some much-needed attention. Additionally, an outdoor entertainment area, like a deck or lounge is fairly easy to DIY and will add a lot of charm to your home.

Introduce light to your home with stylish fixtures

A well-lit home is something every potential buyer is looking for. Replace outdated fixtures with modern, elegant designs. Adjustable LED lights, sleek modern fixtures and focus lights can create an appealing atmosphere at any time of day. Add an eye-catching chandelier in the dining room and create a focal point that everyone will notice. If you have the budget for it, install ground lighting in your yard, since this is a simple tech upgrade that will boost the value of your home.

Give it a paint-job

Nothing makes a home shine like a fresh coat of paint. If you are planning to resell your home, this is a step you should not skip. It is a simple project to DIY, and you do not have to even do it all at once. The best advice would be to stick to neutrals, since they are most appealing to the vast majority. If the exterior of your house looks a bit dull, a new paint job will brighten everything up and result in a bigger profit.

Think about changing up the floor plan

Boost Your House Value

When we plan our renovations, most of us think about a range of potential improvements. From relatively simpler projects, such as changing up some fixtures here and there to the more complex ones, like painting the entire house or replacing the floorboards. There’s one project that takes the prize when it comes to complexity and costs–tearing down walls with the intention of altering your existing floor plan.

Surprisingly, it’s possible to knock down most walls by yourself if it’s done correctly and planned accordingly. Make sure you wear protective gear and equipment such as safety goggles, sturdy steel cap boots, gloves, earmuffs etc. It goes without saying that you have to know which walls are load bearing and which are not. Altering the floorplan is a good way to add a few extra square feet of usable space and thus potentially increase the resale value of your house.

Restore your hardwood floors and install new tiles

Older homes, in particular, are likely to have hardwood floors lurking beneath carpet, and most homebuyers today are looking for exposed hardwood flooring, instead of wall-to-wall carpeting. With the right tools, you can restore your floor and give it a lovely shine. Also consider changing your bathroom and kitchen tiles for more modern ones that will match with your newly-restored floors. The hardest part is the scale of the project, but with time and patience you can achieve an average of 340% ROI, so roll up your sleeves, put on your knee pads and begin.

Give your kitchen a makeover

Ressel your home

A new kitchen is something that attracts homebuyers the most. A large-scale renovation may cost you more than you will get in return, so keep it small and effective. If your kitchen cabinets are still good for use, you can simply repaint them in a stylish colour like grey, white, dark green, or wood tones. Make sure you replace outdated faucets and cabinet hardware with more modern, brass or matte black ones.

It is all in the details

Pay attention to details. With a bit of decorating, you can add a bit of pizazz to your home. You can install crown moulding yourself, simply get the moulding form a home improvement store, cut to size and stick it with a nail gun. Also, update all the fixtures, outlet covers, change those boring curtain rods, and doorknobs. You should also repaint shutters and windows, especially if they are stained or flaking.

Wrapping up

DIY projects do not have to be expensive or difficult. A touch up here, a paint job there and you have yourself a new home. Make use of the space as much as possible, repaint your walls and spruce up your backyard. Of course, always use the proper tools and protective gear.

Written by Mike Johnston

Questions to Ask about Rent to Own Homes Suggested by Experts

Rent to Own Home

When you plan to buy a house, you ask plenty of questions yourself, the real estate agent, and the seller. Although these questions are important to ask, some queries are recommended by property experts to help you make the right decision for rent to own homes.

Questions Suggested by Experts Concerning Rent to Own Homes

The questions mentioned in the paragraphs below concern several aspects of the house buying procedure. These include budget and cost, condition of the house, the reason for its sale, and information about the neighborhood and geographical location.

How Much is the Total Cost?

Experts have suggested asking about the total cost of the house; so that you can arrange the right amount. The total cost of the house includes appraisal, cost of the property, house inspection, mortgage insurance and interest, property taxes, and homeowner’s insurance.

What Information is Included in the Sale Deed?

Before buying a house, the buyers have to know the information included in the sale deed. The points of a sale deed include information about the seller and buyer, the duration of the contract, terms and conditions, how payments will be made, and things that will be sold with the house.

Has the Property Been on the Market for Long?

Property should not be on the market for a long time, like more than six months. If this is the case, there are some issues with the house. Maybe the price of the house is higher, or there are structural issues in the house.

What is the Reason for Selling the House?

The most obvious reason for selling a house is that the sellers want to upgrade their lifestyle and buy a larger house in an expensive locale. Buyers will find many experts like Stop Renting Perth who will help you solve the reason behind selling the house.

What is the Price of Other Rent to Own Properties in the Neighborhood?

Another important question that experts suggest asking is about the price of other properties in the neighborhood. If the house you are buying is higher, you have to know why the seller is demanding more.

Is the Geography of Location Prone to Disasters?

You have to make sure that the house is safe to live in. The geographical properties of the area matter a lot because you don’t want to live in a house that can be easily damaged by floods, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, and wildfires.

What is the Condition of the Roof?

Suppose someone thinks that once the roof is installed and doesn’t need repair or replacement, then you have been misguided. Buyers have to ask about the roof’s condition if they have to invest in a new roof or need only repairs.

Does the Seller have Original Blueprints of the House?

Having the original blueprints of the house means that the house was constructed legally. The buyer should demand to see the original plans of the house.

These are the important questions that experts have suggested asking about rent to own homes before making the final decision.

Real Estate Investing For Beginners, Make Money With Real Estate

Real Estate Investing

Entering the world of real estate is often captivating but it requires a lot of effort, paperwork, and plans nonetheless to execute. Owning real estate is a great way to generate either active or passive income, depending on how much you want to invest your time into the industry. But what does investing in real estate entail exactly? Is there a clear-cut path or several options? What about financing those investments? If you are seriously considering investing in real estate anytime soon, here’s everything you need to know to get started.

Different Types of Real Estate Profit

Real estate isn’t a one-way street where you have to do what everyone else in the market is doing in order to make your investment pay off. There are a variety of ways you can generate income from real estate. That means you can find the path that aligns best with your interests, needs, and opportunities at the moment. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable ways.

1. Renting Out

You can purchase a property (either a single apartment or a multi-unit complex) and exclusively rent it out to either short-term or long-term tenants without living in it yourself. Renting it out as an Airbnb is a great option if you don’t want long-term tenants. With this, keep in mind that depending on the type of mortgage you opt for, you may be required to live in one of the units yourself in order to qualify (but more on that in a minute). Renting out is a great way to gain regular income that will not only be a flow of income but also help you cover mortgage repayments (if you secure the property with a mortgage). Then, you can decide to invest the income into another venture if you want.

2. Holding

Believe it or not, properties increase in value year after year, especially if it isn’t in use (running the risk of devaluing the property) because of inflation. That’s why you’ll see properties that were bought in the last decade selling for double the price now. This is also why homes are seen as major assets to people who don’t even want to enter the real estate industry officially and simply want to own a property instead of spending thousands of dollars on constantly renting. With the same logic, you can decide to buy a property and hold it to sell later at a higher price, whether that’s through living in it yourself, renting it out for a certain amount of time, or leaving it be until you want to sell it years down the line.

3. House Flipping

House flipping is the process of attaining a property that isn’t in optimal condition and increasing its value to the point that you get a significant return on investment when you sell it. This requires careful calculation though in order to ensure that the costs of the renovations won’t break the bank to the point that you won’t be able to resell the property at a price that covers those costs. You also need to take advantage of the risk of running into unprecedented conditions where the costs of the flipping will increase. Other than that, it’s a great first step to take if you want to invest in real estate.

Financing Real Estate Investments

Whether as a form of passive income or regular primary income, you need an initial push to put you into a consistent cycle of return on investment. It doesn’t matter if you’re only in the market to buy an empty plot of land or a multi-unit complex, purchasing property is costly. How can you get initial financing for your real estate investments? Here are a few options you have as a beginner:

  • Mortgages for real estate investors — Just as mortgages are a great opportunity for individuals to own their first home, they are just as helpful for financing your real estate investments. If you specifically want an investment property, you can opt for an investment property mortgage where the lender will know that you will be generating profit from the property instead of simply living in it. Typically, these types of mortgages are high-risk loans since the lender doesn’t have any guarantee that you will generate income from the property. You may need to shop around for a mortgage that offers better terms. Some types of mortgages may only grant you an investment property at a good rate if you will reside in one of the units on the property.
  • Utilizing home equity — If you already own a property and have enough equity in it, then you can consider home equity loans to finance a second property (or at the very least, a chunk of the cost). This is a great financing option even if you simply want a single investment property and do not recurringly buy/sell homes. Utilizing home equity is essentially another type of mortgage, but essentially it’s a reverse mortgage where the bank pays you a lump sum and the repayments are more flexible than with standard mortgages.
  • Investing your own money — Last, but not least, you can always use your own saved up assets to finance your investment properties. This is a high-risk option, but if you want to refrain from the world of interest rates and loans along with having the means to finance the property you want, then it’s always an option!

Hopefully this helped to give you a better idea of how to get into the world of investing in real estate.

Fireproof Your Home in 8 Ways Today

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Every year, more than 180,000 people die due to burn accidents. According to the National Fire Protection Association, a structural fire affects an average of 358,500 residential properties annually, and house fires resulted in 2,620 deaths and $6.9 billion in property damage over a five-year period.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency deduced that the top three main culprits of house fires are cooking, heating equipment, and electrical malfunction

In California, wildfires are becoming more intense each year. As families move to fire-prone locations at a time when survivors strive to restore their destroyed homes, the topic of how to create a fire-resistant home inevitably arises.

With fires occurring virtually every other day, you’ve got to consider how you can keep your home safe. The fact of the matter is that simple preventive measures can help you fireproof your home, family, and property. Smartifying your home by keeping safety in mind and incorporating or installing design features for your home is a start.

Fireproof Your Home Today in 8 Ways

Read on to learn about more efficient solutions and huge investments that help fireproof your home.

  1. Turn off heated appliances and unplug unused electronics
Photo by Снежана from Pexels

Excess power flowing through your home’s gadgets is always a fire risk. Even when computers, televisions, game consoles, and other electronic devices are turned off, they still consume electricity. They might experience a surge at any time or simply overheat and catch fire.

You can lessen the chances of fire by unplugging them while not in use. Don’t also leave these devices running, especially if you’re not at home.

  1. Invest in high-quality fire-fighting and preventive equipment

A fire extinguisher can mean the difference between putting out a fire and losing everything. Fire extinguishers are classed by the type of fire intended to be put out. When purchasing a fire extinguisher, look for the ABC rating, and put one in every room, particularly the kitchen where a fire is most likely to start.

  1. Opt for fire-retardant chemicals in your household

Spray environmentally safe fire retardants in your home’s most fire-prone locations. Fire retardants use a chemical reaction to limit the spread of fire or form a barrier between the fire and your residence.

When redecorating or renovating your property, make sure to use materials such as steel frame, metal, and concrete. Stone, brock, and concrete are also better materials for decking instead of wood. Then, use fire-resistant paints. While you’re at it, look into fire-rated glass and fire-rated doors.

  1. Keep combustible items away from heat sources

Fabrics, paper, and hair, which are flammable, should never be exposed to high heat or flame. Always be on the lookout for anything that could cause a fire or become an issue. Keep an eye on heat sources and anything surrounding them.

  1. Educate your loved ones about fire control and safety

One of the most important things you can do is make sure that everyone in your house, including your children, is trained in fire safety. How many of us leave the kitchen with food simmering on the stove? We know it’s risky, but we go ahead and do it anyway.

Use your resources, such as your local fire department, to educate your family on domestic fire safety and make small yet preventative changes around the house.

  1. De-clutter your house

By reducing clutter in your home, you can reduce your fire risk and raise your chances of surviving it. Too much flammable stuff strewn about the house might create many areas for the fire to spread, so make your home a little more organized and get rid of some of the unnecessary clutter.

  1. Keep track of your electrical lines
Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Monitor your home’s outlets and take note of any wires that cease working unexpectedly. It could be an indication of a problem lurking behind the walls. Examine your electrical appliances for frayed or damaged cords. These could also be symptoms of a problem, and you don’t want to introduce them into your electrical system if you already know about them.

  1. Don’t smoke inside the house

If you must smoke be it for recreation and stress release, make sure to do so in a well-ventilated environment and extinguish the cigarette properly before discarding it. Cigarettes contain a variety of chemicals that may cause them to burn even after you think you’ve extinguished them. Its flame can cause a fire inside or outside your trash bin. This risk can be mitigated by smoking outside and watching out for stray ashes.

The Bottom Line

Accidents involving fires can result in the damage of property and the loss of lives. However, modest household security measures such as using fire-retardant materials and removing dry plants surrounding your home can help avoid fires.

Some fires develop due to minor oversights. Turn off the electrical and gas mains and keep lights away from children. Take out a house insurance policy to protect yourself from fire-related damages.

Safti First_Author_Diana San Diego Diana San Diego
Diana San Diego is the VP of Marketing for SAFTI FIRST with over 15 years of experience in public relations, marketing, and the architectural glazing industry.  She enjoys golf, wine, and travelling.

Short-Term Rental Business: Understanding How to Play in This Industry

Short-Term Rental Business

Real estate is increasingly setting the pace for investment opportunities. The sector possesses range, flexibility, and profitability. However, one major factor that distinguishes it from other investment options and positions is the availability of several options, one of which is short-term rental.

It’s no news that the goal of every investor is to make a profit. To achieve this aim, understanding the business comes first. In embarking on investment opportunities, knowing relevant rules and guidelines remains a vital instrument for its success and a guideline for future investments.

The paragraphs below will be answering the question: what are short-term rentals, how to invest in them, and the factors influencing profits in this highly lucrative industry.

What are Short-Term Rentals?

Short-term rental entails offering a property, for rent, either weekly, monthly, or as specified by the investor. It’s usually a brief arrangement that spans a short period. According to hospitalitynet, the average earnings of the short-term rental industry increased by a whopping 35 percent in the United States in 2021.

These statistics are a testament to the rapid growth of the sector and show that there are enough favorable conditions to make your investment commitments worthwhile.

However, before committing your investment funds into this sector, it’s essential to understand the short-term rental meaning and factors that influence the success of the short-term rental business. Doing this will form the basis of your decisions and guarantee increased profit.

Factors That Influence Profit Making in the Short-Term Rental Business

The following factors influence profit-making in the short-term rental business.

  1. Location

To make a profit in the industry, the location of your property matters a lot. Short-term rentals in areas with high points of attraction make the most profit. Why? With the attraction comes clients and customers.

Besides, your profit might be limited if your property is located in municipalities where rules and regulations are strict. Some municipalities have introduced new laws that have limited the performance of short-term rentals. It would help if you did due research on updated laws that guide your intended location.

  1. Demand Pricing

Demand is fluid. To make a profit as a short-term rental property investor, understand that there is always a variation between demand and price, as both concepts are dependent on current market trends.

Consequently, as a real estate investor, your rental property investment strategy should follow the demand pricing. This means that you must constantly adjust your price to suit the current market trend. This way, you are not priced out of business.

  1. Multichannel Marketing

Before setting up a short-term rental business, critical marketing plans must be put in written format. Setting up the business isn’t the issue, but setting up the clientele base remains a big challenge.

Clientele base setup is where the position of the multichannel marketing network is essential. This process uses direct and indirect methods to connect and interact with clients.

Now that we understand how profits emanate from short-term rentals, let’s see how to invest in them.

4.   The Local Job Market

One sign of rental property profitability is a healthy local job market. As more people keep moving into a city or town, the potential tenant pool rises, increasing the need for houses. This high demand increases local rental rates while lowering vacancy rates.

5.   Area Performance

Before investing in vacation rental properties in a particular location, you need to study how rental properties in that area are performing. Do the local units have low rental rates or is there a high vacancy rate in rental properties? A low rental rate might imply that people are moving away from that area to more desirable parts.

How to Invest in Short Term Rentals

It’s not enough to seek answers to the question: what are short-term rentals, you must acquaint yourself with the ways to invest and earn enough return. Investments come with risk, hence, going for businesses with minimal risk remains your choicest shot at success. Below are five steps you must follow to ensure profitability in your short-term rental investments.

short-term rentals

Step 1: Prepare a Business Plan

For your short-term rental venture to thrive, a solid business plan must be prepared. This plan facilitates actions that would be backed up with well-researched decisions.

You need to have answers to questions like, “how do you intend to manage this venture?” “Are you planning on expanding over time?” “Where is the financing coming from?” etcetera. Your business plan must provide fool-proof answers to these questions.

Step 2: Getting a Location

As briefly discussed in the introductory paragraph, the short-term rental location forms a significant part of your journey in this industry. You need to provide answers to questions like, “what are the rules guiding your location of choice?” “What is the demand rate for short-term rentals in the area?” etcetera.

Step 3: Analyze Possible Expenses

Investing in short-term rentals may come with or without unplanned expenses. It would be best to be informed and prepared for unplanned expenses you might incur during the process. This forms the basis for the next step.

Step 4: Set Realistic Targets

Successful investors set realistic targets. As a short-term rental investor, managing your expectations and setting realistic targets will significantly help you through the journey.

Investing doesn’t guarantee success, it comes with extra tasks and commitment. You need to manage the home as well as take care of marketing and listing. Also, ask questions from past short-term rental investors and visit experienced consultants to better improve your understanding of the industry.

Step 5: Plan Out Your Insurance

It’s not enough to understand the meaning of short-term rentals, knowing the secondary part, which is insurance, is a significant aspect of the business.

Insurance for short-term rentals serves as collateral for possible damages that might come up along the line. This helps you better manage your property and minimize risk.

You need to speak with your insurance company to be clear on the terms of the agreement. Insurance policies are different across various companies. As such, it’s best to speak to your insurance company.


The goal of every investor is a considerable return on investment (ROI), and short-term rentals are no exception. Although the industry has seen a significant shift, understanding the basics that we have highlighted is fundamental to profitability.

Besides getting an answer to the question: what are short-term rentals, you need to plan your moves, seek counsel, and follow all strategies for a better chance at success.

Frederick Scott
Editor Home Town News

5 Unique Ways To Advertise Your Property In 2022

Ways To Advertise Your Property

Lockdown has been an interesting time for all of us. Enforced extra time has made many of us look to upsize, realising our need for more space.  Selling properties in such a saturated market has its additional challenges as competition for buyer’s attention has never been more fierce.

Advertising in 2022 is simple.  It’s low cost, easy, efficient and can reach multiple audiences just with a single click. Online advertising has overtaken newspapers and shop windows in promoting properties for sales with many buyers signing without even having to visit the property.

Any business which wants to succeed in the modern day must have an online presence to grow and succeed. Similarly, any realtor you may be considering to list your house must have a strong online presence for you to sell your house quickly.

Advertising your property, whether privately or through a realtor, can be done in many ways and can reach a huge audience for a reasonable cost. You can

  • Advertise through a Website
  • Contact an Influencer
  • Write a Blog
  • Hold Webinar
  • Share Site Photos

Advertise through a Website

Nowadays, publishing your property on a website is the most efficient way to advertise it. Website advertisement has taken real estate to a whole nother level. And here is why.

It reaches the exact targeted audience. Moreover, most websites have categories, making it easier for the clients to contact you. For example, if a person wants a condo, the website will direct them to the condos in their budget.

And so, you will reach the exact targeted audience the easier way. Website advertisements are cheaper and more effective. You have to post a few photos of your property, rent house, guest house, villa, condo or whatever, enter some information and voilá, in a few days, you will receive plenty of calls from genuine buyers.

Contact an Influencer

The culture of advertisements through influencers started through Instagram. Influencers have followers, most have at least 10,000. Companies reach influencers for advertising their products in unique ways to gather masses to ‘like’ the product.

Influencers get paid or some benefit for advertising the product. However, if you want to promote a property, you can hire a graphic designer to make a minimalistic poster for you. You can further contact influencers to share that banner or leave the advertisement job all on the influencer. They may find a unique way to advertise your property. It is a quick and affordable way of quickly gaining customers for your property.

Write a Blog

If you have a blog page or know someone who does, you can pay them to write a blog about your property site. This way, buyers will learn about the area, and eventually, with further research, they will be directed to your property.

Writing a blog isn’t difficult. Talk about things that people want to read, location, access to local amenities, schools and shopping. By writing about your town and the house you are selling and maybe publishing some lovely local interest photos, you will gain buyers.

Hold Webinar

This is a new way of advertising, holding seminars. The only selling you need to do is to get people to attend it. Nowadays, you can also record the forum and post on YouTube, Instagram or other websites so people may watch it later on.

The webinar should discuss why people should live here, the pros, and how kids-friendly it is. Even if a few people attend your webinar, there is a greater chance that it’ll reach more people beyond your live seminar as the viewers can further share your property with their friends and family.

Share Site Photos

The most efficient way of advertising your property is taking lovely photos of your home. Capture the site, the signage placed on your property, share your WhatsApp stories, share amongst your friend’s various Facebook groups or on your Instagram story.

The signage will be in people’s minds, and this way, they’ll remember your property even if they saw you passing through it.

This will help them explain the place to someone interested in your property.

In conclusion, the internet is a fantastic place for buying, selling, purchasing, or advertising. Embrace the power of this technology and you will see the benefits that it will bring. Selling your property is significantly easier and far less stressful when you list online.

5 Things to consider before Buying Rental Property

Buying Rental Property

Investing in rental property is a lucrative business. Many people are earning passive income from rentals and using it to fund their mortgage. Nevertheless, like any other business, it is not that simple or risk-free. The investments made at the right time and place will pay off. There can be frequent fluctuations in income, and sometimes a rental cannot be turned into a profitable venture. If you have no prior experience managing a rental, you should start off by considering the following points:

1. The Location or Neighborhood

The location of the property is of utmost importance, as it determines the income potential. An emerging neighborhood or a busy area of the city is usually a good bet. For example, if you are thinking single family homes, you may look at suburban neighborhoods that are rapidly developing. You should mull over employment prospects, level of security, and availability of basic facilities. If you are leaning towards single or independent studio apartments, proximity to a university or commercial centers is feasible. Certain types of properties, such as a beach house, do not have a promising renting potential throughout the year.

2. The overall Condition of the Property

Investing in a fixer upper can be advantageous if the price tag is heavily discounted and the neighborhood is popular. However, it is necessary to call in a professional to evaluate the level of damage and estimate the total cost of repairs and renovation. For example, structural problems, like a leaky/collapsing roof, uneven floors, and faulty wiring/pipes can be quite expensive to fix. If it will take several years to cover the cost of repairs alone from the rent, this would become an unrewarding investment.

3. Ongoing Expenses

Rental property needs maintenance and there are additional costs for owning it. You have to pay real estate tax, insurance costs, and interest over financing. Routinely maintenance may include landscaping, updating the interior, fresh paint, repair/replacement of appliances, service of heating & cooling systems, pest control, and waste management. Do not forget that the burden of ongoing costs increases during the months/period when the property has no tenants.

4. The ROI

The purpose of investing in rental property is to acquire a positive ROI (return of investment). This is where you should stand by the 1% rule. For example, if you are buying real estate worth $100,000 then you should be able to generate a minimum monthly income of $1,000 from it, i.e. 1% of the total cost. With this equation, your annual proceeds from the rental would sum up to $12,000. On average, 50% of the annual income goes towards fulfilling ongoing expenses, so the estimated yearly profit would be $6,000. An exception to the 1% rule is if you are purchasing property in a neighborhood that is under development, and it’s evident that the rents will substantially increase in the near future.

5. Property Management

Not everyone is cut out to be a landlord because management of rental property can be quite challenging. You have to deal with complaints from tenants, conduct emergency visits every now and then, and always be prepared for unexpected expenditures. Apart from that, you need an air-tight lease, contingency plan, and the patience to tolerate problematic tenants. If you have set your eyes on a rental property, you must consult a local real estate attorney before going through with the transaction. This will protect you from real estate fraud and purchase of property that is subject to legal problems (which can be very costly to resolve).

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10 Things Residents Want in Their Communities

Top ten things residents want in their communities

Finding a new home is always an exciting time for the family. A new space has endless possibilities and families are left daydreaming about what their new home can look like. Fathers may be thinking about putting a mancave or a home gym, moms may be planning out their beautiful kitchen, and the kids could be figuring out how to style their own room. Truly a fun-filled family affair, moving into a new place brings in new excitement unlike anything else.


In today’s day and age, gated communities are the staple for undisturbed, stress-free living. You know you have stumbled upon a good neighborhood if the property invests in 24-hour guard patrol, a disaster response team, and an effective car sticker system.

Reputable Schools

For those starting a family or have little ones of their own, having reputable schools within the vicinity of their home is a major plus. Kids can easily travel to and from school and enjoy fun after school activities without worrying about long rides back home. Found within Cavite is Lancaster New City, a township that has a premiere educational institution namely the St. Edwards School offering K-12 education and extra curriculars for brilliant young minds.

Proximity to Necessities

Whether the family needs groceries, medicine, school supplies, and other essentials, it’s always good to live close to nearby establishments that have supermarkets, pharmacies, bookstores, and more.

Shopping Malls

Homes that have a shopping mall or district within the area is always on the wishlist. Best for last minute needs and leisurely shopping sprees are more enjoyable in the go-to mall you are familiar with and can easily travel to.

Low Crime Rate

When choosing a new home for your family or partner, safety becomes one of the most important priorities. Make sure to do a full background check on your prospective properties and to ask your real estate agent for the most recent crime rate report.

Walkable Roads

Buying a new home means buying into your neighborhood roads and spaces as well. If your family is keen on outdoor activities like walking, running, biking, and occasional dog walks, take into consideration the sidewalks and roads in your options.

Parks and Amenities

Give your children wonderful childhood experiences with amazing amenities found in your neighborhood. Parks, swimming pools, and garden areas are great locations for your children to play and to make new neighborly friends.

Place of Worship

It’s always an added benefit to live close by to where you can practice your spirituality. Lancaster New City is home to a beautifully made chapel, the Parish of The Holy Family. Known for its modern architectural design, this church is perfect for quick solemn visits and elegant weddings celebrations.

Beautiful Properties

There’s a certain pride residents have when their neighborhood is filled with design-worthy properties. When a community is filled with eye-candy homes, it’s always enjoyable to invite guests over or to take leisurely strolls around the property.

Friendly Neighborhood Culture

A great neighborhood is reflected by the people who live in it. Find out the general culture of the areas you are scouting and see if you and your family make the perfect fit.