7 Qualities to look for in a Real Estate Professional

With the help of a competent real estate professional, you will find the home you need at a reasonable price. But how to find this professional? Discover the seven qualities that he must possess.

If you are looking for a property – whether for the first time or not – your process could involve various steps:

  • Online searches
  • neighborhood exploration
  • costing with powerful new apps

all this is a great place to start and will help you determine the type of home you’re interested in, where you’d like to live, and the price. that you could pay.

However, when it comes time to move on to really serious things, it is good to contact a real estate professional. Despite all the information you can gather, only a professional can bring you the expertise (knowledge, contacts, access and experience-based advice) you need to find and carefully evaluate the home of your dreams. and to conclude the purchase.

How to choose this professional? Among the multitude of advertisements featuring smiling agents, there are surely a large number of accredited real estate professionals who are ready to help you. But even if they are all qualified, it is better to choose someone who will take into account your preferences and your particular needs.

As you juggle with numbers and locate the neighborhoods you would like to live in, keep in mind the key qualities that the real estate professional you choose should have.

Knowledge of the neighborhood

In addition to essential knowledge (such as average home prices and recent sales), a knowledgeable real estate professional will know the good schools, parks, demographics and other features of the community, recent building regulations, and other things.

With this knowledge, your broker should be able to describe the current situation of the neighborhood and the changes that are planned, so that you know if it is an environment likely to fill you.

Listening ability

A good agent will take the time to listen to you in order to know:

  • your needs,
  • your desires,
  • your preferences,
  • your budget and your motivations

He will also know which aspects are non-negotiable and which ones you could compromise on. Above all, he must be able to take into account what he has learned about you to show you houses and neighborhoods that suit your interests, rather than waste time on unnecessary visits.

Attention to detail

Given the amount of paperwork involved in a real estate transaction, your agent needs to pay attention to detail. Concretely, this can mean analyzing the successive sales of a house, looking for faults that can be cleverly hidden, walking in the backyard or even talking with neighbors.

When you are ready to buy, your agent will have to make sure that the details of the price, schedule and conditions are correctly written, and that the appropriate initials appear in the boxes of the purchase agreement.

Overall vision

In addition to the sense of detail, the ideal agent must have an overall vision. This is how he will be able to solve any problems while keeping your interests in mind. For example, if you cannot find a property in the neighborhood you are interested in or at a price that’s right for you, there are other suggestions you can make – such as a purchase in an adjacent neighborhood or on a street where you did not think, or a house of a different style that might interest you.

A solid network

The best real estate professionals have a network that includes other agents, mortgage advisors, lawyers and notaries, building inspectors, and so on. They can turn to these partners for information, advice and services at various stages of the home purchase process.

Trading Talents

You will prefer to deal with a professional with a nice personality. But you also want someone who is firm, fair and knowledgeable, with the skills and patience to successfully negotiate the price of the house, the date of signing, the repairs to be done, and various other aspects.


Above all, your agent will have to act in your interest when he shows you homes, submits offers to you and concludes the purchase. He will have to make sure that you understand the terms of the contract, which will help you avoid costly mistakes.

If your agent insists on having the house inspected, keeps a cool head during the bidding process and stays firm on issues such as repairs and signing dates, there are signs of reliability.

How do you find a real estate professional?

Ask people you trust to recommend someone. Talk to your mortgage advisor, or friends or colleagues who have recently moved. When you get the names of a few brokers, make an appointment with everyone and ask them questions to learn more about their expertise, experience, approach and network. Just chat with an agent and have a coffee to get a good idea of ​​his style and skill.

Your home is probably the most important purchase you will make in your life. One of the best ways to make a wise purchase is to work with a reputable real estate professional.

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