All About Finding A Luxury Hotel In Marrakech


When it comes to travelling, there are really only two ways to do it, either you travel on a budget or you travel in luxury.

If you’re reading this article, there’s a great chances that you have the means to travel to Marrakech in luxury without even batting an eyelash. In this article, we’re going to teach you how you can find luxury hotels in Marrakech so you can have the time of your life while you’re there. But first, here’s something you need to know about Marrakech: It’s the one place in Morocco that you go to in order to see a piece of the history and culture of the country.

While most people associate Morocco with Casablanca, the truth is that the romance of Casablanca is a fairly modern invention brought on, in no small part, by Hollywood’s production of the movie with the same name. However, if you want to experience what true Morocco, you absolutely must go to Marrakech. In there, you will find historical sites, souks or traditional markets, and oasis gardens.

I went there one time with a group of friends and was amazed by the richness of my experience. It was like we were being transported back in time. Sure, it was sweltering hot but we had an amazing time freshening up in the gardens and haggling our way in the souks.

But I also know I wouldn’t have enjoyed my trip as much if we stayed at the really cheap guest houses with no bathrooms. I know because I had a friend who went to Marrakech on a backpacking trip with her then boyfriend. Their trip was really the epitome of travel on a budget, and I really couldn’t help but congratulate my friend for breaking up with her boyfriend at the time for forcing her into a budget trip.

Anyway, if you’re travelling to Marrakech, make sure to book a luxury hotel. Trust us, you won’t regret it. Just like any other place in the world that’s a known tourist site, only parts of the city are pockets of blasts from the past. The rest of the city is literally smothered with all the trappings of modernity, from hotels, cafes and restaurants. But we’re pretty sure you will enjoy it there because what little pockets of the past it has is literally steeped in the past. It’s like a time capsule, and you’re taken in for the ride.

The best places to find a luxury hotel in Marrakech is online.

Go to websites like and other websites that provide reviews of the different accommodations and places of interest in the different parts of the world. You will instantly know if a hotel is a luxury one by its price. Budget hotels cost less than $100. Mid-priced hotels cost over $100 to $700, while luxury hotels cost over $700 to thousands of dollars per night.

Look for hotels that are truly luxurious by reading the reviews and star ratings. Even if you have th money, you want to get your money’s worth right?

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