Staging Your House Before Listing It
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With every house that needs to be sold, there is a staging process. Staging your house is preparing it to appeal to a potential buyer. Staging, in other words, is to make the house stand out amongst a variety of other houses to capture the interests of buyers.  Staging is one of the most critical aspects when preparing to list a home. If done well, it can encourage a fast sale and help a client visualize living in your space.

Tips to consider during staging.

Depersonalize- it may be difficult for a potential buyer to buy a house that still has many personal belongings. By depersonalizing the environment, it will set the stage for the buyer to feel at home.  Repair- check that all household items are running smoothly before listing the house.  Thorough cleaning- Before listing the house plan to do a thorough cleaning and make the house spotless. Buyers will shy away from a house that is dirty and disorganized.  Arrangement of furniture- present a well-furnished house where furniture is appropriately arranged with enough spacing for smooth navigation around the house. Brighten up to ensure the premises have enough lighting from both electrical devices and natural light. Curb appeal- the exterior of your home is the first thing that gets the buyer's attention. Ensure the yard is well-groomed, the drive should be appealing with no weeds growing on it, and power wash where needed.  The front entry should look inviting.  If the front door needs a fresh coat of paint then do paint it.  It will be worth the work. Flower pots and a nice, new welcome mat will add flare. Smells- eliminate anything that gives out a foul smell as this will negatively influence a Buyer when viewing the house.  Avoid cooking strong-smelling foods, take out the garbage regularly and be conscious of pet smells.  Stay neutral- balance the colors of the interior of the house. Consider decorating the house with neutral items such as furniture and carpets. Decorating helps in creating a balanced interior that is not too bright or too dull. In turn, it may influence the potential buyers to make an offer on the house.

Reasons for staging.

Staging a house can be done by an accredited staging professional or by yourself through the help of a real estate agent. Here are a few reasons why a house is staged; ·    Influence a positive first impression- potential buyers often rely on their first impression of a house. A carefully staged house will create a positive impression on a potential buyer. ·    Increase the value of a house- in most cases, you will find that a staged house will have a higher value than a house that hasn't been staged. It often sells faster and for more money than an unstaged home.  Promotion- photos of a well-staged house will help promote the house. In this era of social media, photos of a staged house may help advertise a house, which will reach many potential buyers, potentially contributing to getting the home sold. Staging doesn’t need to be overly expensive but it will cost a bit.  The investment will likely be returned to you in that you may be able to list your house for a higher price based on how appealing it looks. Staging can translate into a quick home sale, potentially encouraging multiple buyer’s which often pushes the price up.  Spending a little money on staging will help your home stand out from its competition and will likely appeal to a larger pool of buyers.
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